COVID-19 Antibody Test


The coronavirus antibody test checks for IgG antibodies which are created in our bodies in response to the COVID-19 infection. This test will show whether you have had the virus in the past and developed antibodies and potential immunity to COVID-19.


Frequently asked Questions on COVID test ?


What is being Tested ?

Past Infection 

How is test Performed?

Finger Prick Blood Test

When can I be tested ?

21 days or more ; after onset of symptoms 

Where can the test be done ?

Onsite, In the Pharmacy at mayfair, 6 Shepherd Market. 

Turnaround time for the results ?

Within 15 minutes 

How can I book ?

Call Pharmacy at 02074932309 for booking. 


Location : Pharmacy of Mayfair and Clinic is located in Shepherd Market; in the heart of Mayfair . Our Pharmacy is centrally located and less than 5 minutes walk from Green Park underground stations.